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              2018 Outstanding Contribution Award

              Organizer of China International Automobile Forum

              Powerful backbone enterprise

              The 13th Annual Strategic Cooperation Supplier Award of Damao Vericco Automotive Lamp

              Excellent Supplier of 2014

              Great Love without Borders Yinzhou District Red Cross

              Zero Defect Engineering Progress Award

              Bronze Award of Zhejiang Red Cross Meritorious Award

              Safety production standardization certificate

              2019 Outstanding Contribution Award

              2020 Delivery Contribution and Cost Control Award

              Excellent Supplier Award

              Ningbo May 1st Labor Certificate

              High-tech Enterprise 2018

              Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

              Five-star grassroots party organization

              Five-star Standardized Chemical Industry Association Honorary Certificate

              Ningbo Enterprise Engineering Technology Center

              Create advanced units

              Zhejiang Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise

              Winner of Zhejiang Ankang Cup Competition

              The second batch of specialization, special new and small giant enterprises in 2020

              Green Leading Demonstration Enterprise in Yinzhou District


              Ningbo Jinghua electronic Polytron Technologies Inc

              136 Chunyuan Road, Zhonghe street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China




              Web: http://tzrsdj.cn


              Sweep yards attention

              Sweep yards attention