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              About us

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              Origin of the company

              JINGHUA is a subsidiary enterprise absorbing the quintessence of Jingcheng and Huamei company. Innovation, Essence, Cooperation, Win-Win is the Value formed at the beginning of the company establishment, it is also the soul of the company market development. Since established, we refined internally and externally, be cautious and conscientious, with reverence and awe, and be very careful. All staff are disciplined by standard management system and advanced technology &equipment.

              Business expanded from domestic to abroad, successively cooperate with GM, FORD, GWM, GEELY, CHERY and BYD due to our good service, effective supply capacity, meticulous after-sales, and good industry reputation which set up over a long period. For the future, Jinghua will eye around the world, vow to match the global level brand, and manage to be the top manufacturer of the auto actuators/controller.


              Ningbo Jinghua electronic Polytron Technologies Inc

              136 Chunyuan Road, Zhonghe street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China




              Web: http://tzrsdj.cn


              Sweep yards attention

              Sweep yards attention